All you need are 3 ingredients to make this incredibly easy and super creepy Halloween Slime in 5 simple steps. It’s endless fun in the home!

A jar of orange halloween slime

I just followed the typical slime recipe from the Magic Liquid bottles and of course, added my festive fun touch of fake flies and ants. You know how I can’t resist the Halloween flare. Here is what you need to make the Halloween Slime:

  • (1) 6oz bottle of glitter glue
  • 1/4 c. Magic Liquid (you can find this at any craft store and they are usually next to the glue)
  • a handful of fake insects (I got mine at the Dollar Store)

a jar of green halloween slime

Now it might look like this little guy is having a good time making the Halloween Slime but do not be fooled. He wants nothing to do with it right now. Once he saw the texture and how, well, slimy it is, he was like, No way am I touching that! But that is how it goes with toddlers, right? I try every day to expose him to it to see if maybe today is the day that he’ll play with it but I haven’t had much luck. At least it is here for MY entertainment.

Here are the 5 steps in making your very own Halloween Slime:

STEP 1: Empty out the entire bottle of the glitter glue into a bowl.

a kid pouring glue into a white bowl

STEP 2: Slowly add the Magic Liquid, stopping to stir each time.

a kid stirring the halloween slime together

a bowl of orange halloween slime in the making

STEP 3: Once it is completely poured in, start kneading with your hands. It really took shape once I threw and pounded it back and forth between each hand. After a few minutes, you will reach the desired consistency.

a gooey mixture of green halloween slime

STEP 4: Add fake insects and knead again.

hand holding green halloween slime with fake flies

a pile of orange halloween slime with fake ants

STEP 5: Place in a jar and it will stay fresh for a few weeks.

2 jars of halloween slime piled on top of each other

Please note that depending on your child’s age, they might need adult supervision during the making and playing with this Halloween Slime.





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