Give popcorn a Thanksgiving makeover by turning this everyday snack into the cutest and most festive Popcorn on the Cob Snack Bags! They are a fun snacktivity for you and your kids to make at home. Pop them into their lunchbox, decorate the kid’s Thanksgiving table with them, or even bring these snack bags to the classroom for a healthier, holiday-inspired treat. 

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A table adorned with 5 Popcorn on the Cob Snack Bags

These Popcorn on the Cob snack bags are a cinch to make and don’t require complex materials. The materials you will need for them are the following:

  • Popcorn
  • plastic bag
  • Green tissue paper
  • raffia or string
  • 4-5 strips from a brown paper bag
  • scissors
  • tape

A yellow background with the materials needed to make Popcorn on the Cob Snack Bags

See the photo tutorial below to follow along on how I made these Popcorn on the Cob snack bags:

A photo tutorial on how to make Popcorn on the Cob Snack Bags

  1. Place a couple handfuls of popcorn into a ziplock baggie. Fold it over and tape to keep secure.
  2. Cut out a square of green tissue paper. Place the bag of popcorn on top of it.
  3. Wrap and tape each side to secure on the bag.
  4. Take a piece of raffia or string and place under the paper. Place the crumbled up brown bag strips on top of the bag. Tie tightly.

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A man's hand holding a bucket full of Popcorn on the Cob Snack Bags

I can’t take credit for this ADORABLE edible Thanksgiving craft–I first saw them on Martha Stewart and have also been seeing them on Pinterest for a while now and I just could not wait to make my own version of them! I’m not sure who originally created this because there are a lot of versions out there but whoever you are, you are a genius.

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A table scene for thanksgiving of Popcorn on the Cob snack bags

If you make any of these Popcorn on the Cob Snack Bags, be sure to tag me on Instagram @forkandbeans. I LOVE seeing all of your recreations!

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